At the end of September, during the internet event YouPix Con in São Paulo, from a panel entitled “Hey, Is TV Dead or Not?”, youtuber Felipe Neto, who has 16 million followers, was attacking Rede Globo.


Fonte: Folha de S.Paulo – Internacional – En – Culture

“It’s sad to see the country with the greatest YouTube consumption per user have such a pittance of digital revenue, which can be explained by a specific reason, but that isn’t seated here now, and that is Globo.”

“How can your audience fall but your revenue increase? There is no math in the world that explains Globo’s revenue increase compared to their decrease in audience in the last few years. How?! How?!”

Paulo Marinho, grandson of Roberto Marinho, who is responsible for part of Rede Globo’s digital offerings including VIU Hub and its partnership with Vice Media, rose from the middle of audience.

“It’s not true”, he began. “The audience isn’t falling. I mean, within the television universe itself, it isn’t falling. There is a distinction from digital, which obviously is increasing.”

Marinho spoke at length, defending Globo’s actions related to agencies, like bonus for volume (BV), until he had to leave in order to catch a flight: “Just to leave you with some information, there are 100 million people who tune into Globo TV every day, which is a number that Google [YouTube] needs a month to reach. 100 million.”


This is the time of year that projections for advertising budgets are being made for 2018, and that explains the competition which, in Brazil, takes place behind closed doors. Folha had access to the data presented by YouTube.

At the meeting, it said that it had an audience of 103 million (July/2017), “an estimate based upon a cross-referencing of IBGE population data with penetration surveys like IBOPE TGI”.

It released Video Viewers research from the Provokers Institute, which is “supported by Google” showing that consumption of digital videos has grown by 90.1% in three years, while time spent watching TV has remained stable.

Their report contained phrases like “86% of Brazilians watch videos online at least once per month”, “99% of these use YouTube” and “83% prefer to watch on the internet”.


Which explains Marinho’s reaction, saying that YouTube has 100 million viewers per month while Globo has 100 million per day. Both estimates highlight something new: the metrics have changed.

Just like YouTube, Globo had to perform a “cross-referencing of data” to present a round number to the advertising market, in an open campaign one month after the debate with Felipe Neto.

The network’s average daily audience poll from January to September was 98 million viewers. They added 14 million that comScore estimated for sites like G1 and Globo Play without needing check for duplicate viewers.

Escrito por Paul Sampaio

PAUL SAMPAIO CHEDIAK ALVES é professor, locutor, apresentador de rádio e TV, web designer e o criador da REDE SAMPAIO de Sites.

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